The Apple of Our Eye

Kunekune Classic Apple Cider is our Made for Export Cider, which suits the origins of the apple into England where Cider began its life

Found amongst the forests of Kazakhstan, apple trees grew in abundance. It was the original variant of the crisp, sweet fruit we know today. At some point in time these apple trees migrated to England and were discovered by the locals.

When the Romans invaded England in 55BC, on their arrival they found the Kentish people drinking a fermented apple cider style drink. Julius Caesar is said to have taken to the sweet, golden beverage with gusto, and was an enthusiastic drinker of it. His comrades followed his suit.

The spread across England in consumption of cider during the Norman Conquests of 1066 saw orchards specifically set up to grow apples for cider.

It became a currency for farm labourers who were paid in cider, and even received an increased quantity during hay baling season when the work became longer and harder.

Mid 17th Century saw a peak in cider production, and most farmers had orchards and cider presses as standard equipment.

A major agricultural decline meant cider took a back seat for many years, and slid from its reign as a drink of choice.

Early English settlers into America carried apple seeds across, and the tradition of cider thus continued there. And into many other countries and continents were apples transported and grown for cider.

With the rise of the 20th Century came the need to produce products in large quantities, and cider fell prey to this. However, the Knight in Shining Armour for discerning cider drinkers came with the steady establishment of microbreweries across the world.

These smaller breweries have brought back the art of small batch cider creation, giving cider lovers a real, full flavoured cider, with the crisp apple flavour that a cider ought to have.

And that’s how Kunekune was born. Our Client wanted a traditional cider with all the flavour of fresh New Zealand apples. We delivered. And you can enjoy this very special Made for Export Cider too.

Visit our online store to pick up your Kunekune Classic Apple Cider, and appreciate a modern slice of history.