The graze craze lives on

The graze craze lives on

And we love it. Perfect with a beer, grazing platters and tables are all the right things about social gatherings.

We have all taken a moment to create a cheeseboard – a few crackers, some gherkins, a selection of cheeses, and perhaps a dip. That moment of pride seeing it all so orderly as it is delivered to guests to enjoy.

Grazing tables shake things up a bit. Harking back to a style of eating that the Romans loved, grazing platters create a feast for all to enjoy, laid out across a table. The sociable aspect of this type of catering is undeniable.

Small scale, a grazing platter is a great idea. With Christmas and New Year celebrations just around the corner, throwing together a

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  • Great things look to happening with the new owner wasting no time sprucing up the visitor/bar entrance with an opportunity I believe to enjoy a few beers onsite when their new liquor licence gets approval. Great summer venue enjoying your favorite coldy as another spectacular Westport sunset unfolds.

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